Fishing and River Report for May 18, 2017

USGS Flow Charts

River Report May 18, 2017

A Section
Over the last few years the dry fly fishing has become more challenging on the upper part of A with very few fish willing to rise to the top, excluding the Cicada hatch. The lower part of A from around Roller Coaster Rapid down has been productive with shallow nymph rigs 6′, drys and streamers. We have had some interesting weather this last week and have had some substantial temperature swings. On May 16th we had sunny conditions and we where catching fish on Cicadas and droppers, we also had a good BWO hatch that lasted a few hours and fish where on them. Then on May 17th we woke up to snow blowing side ways and the Cicada did not fish well, spring fishing in the Rockies! Since they lowered the flows wade fishing has become a little more doable and you can find spots where you can find fish within casting range from the bank.
B Section
Upper B has been fishing the same as the lower A section, there are also wade fishing opportunities but there is not as many spots to get off the bank as from Little Hole up river.  Rowing Red Creek at 6,600 is even a little more risky than at 8,600 the waves at the bottom of the primary wave train have some large lateral waves that can put a lot of water in a dory. The large suck hole at the top is still a hazard at this flow and should be avoided at all costs. Lower B continues to be a challenge and has not fished well.
C section
Tough fishing
Fishing is going to continue to improve even more over the next few weeks as long as we get warm temperatures and they don’t raise the flows. We have one more day of bad weather in the forecast and then it is going to get nice again and if the Cicadas didn’t get frozen out by this last storm system then the fishing in the next two weeks might get really really good, a fishing guide can only hope.

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