Green River Flows Report

There has been a minor change to the Yampa River forecast and we have subsequently made a slight adjustment to the upcoming Flaming Gorge releases.  The change from the 6/4/2019 notification schedule is releases from Flaming Gorge Dam will be reduced to 6,000 cfs over the next two days rather than 5,500 cfs.  Flows will subsequently be brought back up to full bypass release, 8,500 cfs,  Based on the projected Yampa River flows, Flaming Gorge Dam releases will be reduced during the peak of the Yampa according to the following schedule to reduce flooding potential in the Jensen Utah area.


Flaming Gorge Dam Operational Changes                       6/6/2019
Date Time (MDT) Release Change (cfs) Bypass Release (cfs) Power Release (cfs) Total Release (cfs)
6/6/2019 4:00 PM 3500 4500* 8000
6/6/2019 5:00 PM -500 3000 4500* 7500
6/7/2019 4:00 PM 3000 4500* 7500
6/7/2019 5:00 PM -1500 1500 4500* 6000
6/8/2019 4:00 PM 0 1500 4500* 6000
6/8/2019 5:00 PM 0 1500 4500* 6000
6/9/2019 4:00 PM 0 1500 4500* 6000
6/9/2019 5:00 PM +1500 3000 4500* 7500
6/10/2019 4:00 PM 0 3000 4500* 7500
6/10/2019 5:00 PM +1000 4000 4500* 8500

Please note: *4,500 cfs or full powerplant capacity if determined to be different


Green River flows in Reach 2 (Jensen to Ouray) will likely exceed 18,600 cfs, which will allow razorback sucker larvae from the river to access managed floodplain wetlands and natural off-channel habitats.  Dam releases utilizing the bypass tubes are anticipated to be maintained at these levels (up to 8,500 cfs) for 7-14 days to accomplish LTSP goals of widespread entrainment of razorback sucker larvae in the middle Green River wetlands.  This operation update is an effort to keep flows near Jensen Utah below flood stage of ~24,000 cfs, but most likely below an average daily flow of ~22,000 cfs.


This release plan is considered the most likely scenario given the current forecast, is general, and is subject to changing conditions in the weather and unregulated Yampa flows. Large release changes over the weekend, though, will be avoided.  This release plan was developed in consultation with the US Fish and Wildlife Service and Western Area Power.  Suggestions from Flaming Gorge Working Group stakeholders were also incorporated into the planning of these releases.