Green River Flows Report

Current Status

Last Updated: June 29, 2021

As of June 28, 2021, Flaming Gorge Reservoir pool elevation is 6024.62 feet, which amounts to 83 percent of live storage capacity. Unregulated inflows for the month of May are approximately 96,000 acre-feet (af), which is 40% of the average May unregulated inflow volume. The current average daily release is 860 cfs.

The June final forecast for unregulated inflows into Flaming Gorge for the next three months projects below average conditions. June, July and August forecasted unregulated inflow volumes amount to 160,000 af (41% of average), 67,000 af (32% of average), and 37,000 af (42% of average), respectively.

The June water supply forecast of the April through July unregulated inflow volume into Flaming Gorge Reservoir is 395,000 acre-feet (40% of average).