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Green River Shuttle Service

Shuttle Services on The Green River in Dutch John, Utah 

The Green River below Flaming Gorge Dam can be floated on a drift boat, raft, paddle board or kayak. We offer reliable, on-time shuttling of your vehicle to various takeouts on the river with our Green River shuttle service. We shuttle from/to: Flaming Gorge Dam (spillway), Little Hole, Indian Crossing, Taylor Flats Bridge, Cowboy Bar (bridgeport), Burnt Tree, Pipeline and Swallow Canyon in Brown’s park. We also do pick up/ drop off at various nearby airports, such as Dutch John Airport/ Airstrip, Vernal, Utah, and Rock Springs, Wyoming.

Come into the Fly Shop to set it up your shuttle or give us a call. While you’re here, grab some FREE ICE, a cup of coffee, blow up your rafts, chat about flows, river conditions, or camping in the area, and pick up some must-have flies!

River Shuttles FYI- We shuttle your vehicle after you’ve launched on the river. We will pick up your vehicle from your launch site and deliver it to your take out site. 

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Shuttle Prices

A | $50
Dam to Little Hole
AB | $100
Dam to Indian Crossing, TFB, Cowboy / Bridgeport, or Burnt Tree
ABC | $130
Dam to Pipeline or Swallow Canyon
B | $100
Little Hole to Indian Crossing, TFB, Cowboy / Bridgeport, Burnt Tree
C | $65
Indian Crossing Or Taylor Flat Bridge to Cowboy / Bridgeport, or Burnt Tree 
C-SWAL | $75
Indian Crossing Or Taylor Flat Bridge to Pipeline or Swallow Canyon
DUTCH JOHN AIRPORT | $25-$50 depending on drop-off site
VERNAL AIRPORT (or general vicinity) | $125
ROCK SPRINGS (or general vicinity) | $150