WRF Guides

At Western Rivers Flyfishers, it’s not about the number of fish, the size, shape or species. It’s about the red rock cliffs towering overhead, the slow slurp of a trout in a shadow at dusk.  It’s the sound of the water working the edge of the boat as you watch your buddy, son, daughter, wife or husband present a fly to a Brown Trout that is nearly invisible under the reflection of the crystal water.  It’s truly the small things that we try to bring to our clients attention that makes them forget about the hustle and stress of everyday life.  You will come to realize how a well presented fly and a rising trout can make everything else slip away.

Our goal is to  set ourselves apart and be well known in the industry for hard working guides who love to throw dry flies. We chase down hatches, do longer days, put in more miles and don’t get caught up in what time we are supposed to be at the ramp. If a hatch starts at 3:00, then we aren’t headed for the ramp at 4:00. That’s because our enthusiasm and love is to see trout eat dry flies and people catch fish. We have a crew of guides that have been guides anywhere from 5 years to 16 years and love the lifestyle they have chosen. The crew simply loves to fish, they have water in their veins and it shows when they are behind the oars.

Steve Schmidt and Emmett Heath started Western Rivers Flyfishers in 1986, and have been a huge part of the Green River  ever since. These two men are responsible for Western Rivers Flyfishers Guides’ ethic and old school approach on how a guide should conduct themselves and what makes a great experience for our Fly fishers. Their passion and love for fishing and the Green River has rubbed off on our us and we have a like-minded approach to how our job should be done.

**Cancellation & Reschedule Policy
Written notice must be received 14 days prior to your trip to cancel or reschedule dates. If written cancellation is received 14 days prior to your trip you can transfer your deposit to another date within the calendar year or receive a full refund. Any reschedules must take place the same calendar year as your original trip. If you are within 14 days and cancel your trip, your deposit will be non refundable.